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Master classes

Here you can find a list of upcoming and past master classes organised jointly with our invited mentors, lecturers, masters of their craft, who share the secrets of their professionalism.

For doctors:

MEDION ACADEMY, first of all, as part of the MEDION Holding, is interested in qualified medical personnel. One of the main activities is the organization of our own training courses for postgraduate medical education, including doctors and nursing staff of clinics.

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The mission of MEDION Holding is to save people. MEDION ACADEMY, as one of the important components of the Holding, with its long-term plans to influence the level of education of medical staff and improve medicine in the country as a whole, very clearly reflects the mission of the MEDION Holding.


We intend to contribute to the improvement of the qualifications of existing doctors by engaging in cooperation and exchange of experience with foreign specialists of the highest level. For this, we have all the conditions, including huge technical capabilities for large-scale online broadcasts of speakers in auditoriums with a capacity of more than 340 people.


Keep up with modern technologies, and we will help you with this.
Medion Academy will give you a new perspective on the world of medicine. Learn simply with Medion Academy.

About Us

About us in detail

At Medion Academy, we treat every client with awe. Even for a small order, we accumulate all resources and prepare it in the best possible way. A team of professionals (managers, chefs, waiters, confectioners, etc.) pays attention to even the smallest details.
There are five fully equipped conference rooms and 2 meeting rooms with a total area of ​​540 m² and a capacity of 340 people, as well as a spacious hall of about 100 m², perfect for exhibitions, galleries and creative presentations.

Sum up

Medion Academy aims to contribute to the upskilling of medical professionals in Central Asia through partnerships with higher education institutions in Uzbekistan, international partners such as medical service providers and educational centers, and international medical equipment suppliers.

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