Training center Medion Academy

Created for the organising and conducting training courses and trainings, as well as various kinds of business events.

Why us?

Seven fully equipped conference rooms at your service in the city center

Coffee breaks

We have ready packages of coffee breaks with democratic prices


We strive to contribute to improving the skills of medical professionals, as well as workers in other industries. Thus, adding its contribution to the development of our economy.

We work closely with you to ensure that any event
goes smoothly

We are a team of hot hearts and young creative minds. We are the energy of creativity, full dedication to our work and responsibility to each client, even in small things. And also - an environmentally friendly approach to their work, from organizing courses and trainings to serving balanced and healthy food at buffet tables.

You can find us in the center of the city, in a new office building built with the latest technology.

Our services


7 conference rooms for conferences, seminars and trainings, as well as meeting rooms with a capacity of 9 to 188 people. All rooms are equipped with modern presentation technology and equipment, convenient furniture, heating, air conditioning and ventilation system.

7 conference rooms

For conferences, seminars and trainings

LED screens

Modern equipment, LED screens (4K), microphones;


High-speed internet, organisation of video conferences;

Excellent food

Excellent food and drink choice;


Local technical and administrative solutions for your applications;


Convenient driveway, city center;


For your convenience Private parking;


Qualified staff;
Our conference rooms

Conference room rental for your events

You can rent the hall for any time - from three hours to a whole day depending on the format of the event. Our staff organises coffee breaks, a complex lunch or buffet, as well as a variety of entertainment programs for guests.

We will provide you with constant support of the event and help you with organisational issues. We will help you to organize your event in the best way.
About Us

About us in detail

At Medion Academy, we treat every client with awe. Even for a small order, we accumulate all resources and prepare it in the best possible way. A team of professionals (managers, chefs, waiters, confectioners, etc.) pays attention to even the smallest details.
There are five fully equipped conference rooms and 2 meeting rooms with a total area of ​​540 m² and a capacity of 340 people, as well as a spacious hall of about 100 m², perfect for exhibitions, galleries and creative presentations.

questions and answers

What are the features of the training center «Medion Academy»?

- Modern quality education
- Modern and high-tech building with all amenities
- All classes in the city center
- Own medical equipment for classes
- Flexible working hours
- Affordable prices
- Phased payment
Do you have conference rooms for hosting events?
Yes, we have 7 conference rooms fully equipped for business events.
What is the capacity of your rooms?

From 9 to 184 people, depending on the choice of conference room.

Is it possible to conduct training courses in your center?

Yes, of course, our rooms are perfect for training courses. We have all the necessary equipment and equipment for this. Here you can find out more about our halls.
Do you have a flipchart board?
Yes, there is, and not one. You can find out more about the technical equipment of the halls here.
Do you have LED screens?
Yes, we have them in every hall. You can find out more about the technical equipment of the halls here.
Do you have your own catering?
Yes, we have our own kitchen, catering, more details can be found here.
Do you have a parking?
Yes, we have free parking for 15-20 cars.
Do you have microphones?
Yes, we have 3 types of microphones. You can find out more about the technical equipment of the rooms here.
Where are located?
We are located in the city center at:
Landmark: Gafur Gulyam's metro station, former shop of Ganges.
What events can be held in your center?
Our conference halls are designed for various business events, as well as training courses, trainings and large conferences.
Who does usually hold events in your center?
Usually in our center there are teambuilding and trainings of banks, pharmaceutical companies, IT-companies, various associations and others. You can read more about our customer feedback here.
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